He Has Put His Hand to the Plough by C.J. Dennis

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What can we say of him better than this:
   He has walked in the clean, straight way;
He has played the game, he has won to fame
   Only as white men may.
We trusted him well in the days gone by;
   So shall we trust him now.
With the will to do, and a motive true,
   He has put his hand to the plough.

True to his mates of the long gone days,
   True to the same just Cause,
He has marched ahead with a strong firm tread,
   Scorning to halt or pause.
And this shall be said in the years to come,
   E'en as we say of him now:
'His fame was straight; he was true to a mate;
   And he kept him hand to the plough.'

First published in The Call: The Ha'penny Daily, 25 July 1914

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