Sweet Reason by C.J. Dennis

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After he had agreed to take over all their debts, the State Premiers have, for the first time in history, arrived at a perfect agreement with the Federal Prime Minister.

I would agree with Mr. Bruce,
   And I think he must be very nice;
And, should his council be of use
   Or not, I'd take it at that price.

If he will only come to me
   With some pet scheme -- I care not what --
Upon such terms, I will agree
   To close the bargain on the spot.

I trust I have an open mind:
   Discord I hate, and things like that;
And, should he seek me, he may find
   I'm even waiting on the mat.

I'll own to consciousness of sin,
   And seek new light without regrets
In conference, if he'll begin
   By offering to take my debts.

First published in The Sun-News Pictorial, 22 June 1927

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