A Letter from England by C. J. Dennis

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Dear Boy --

As it appears to us old fogeys --
   If you'll excuse the term that we adopt --
You and your battery of bowling bogeys
   Seem to have come a rather nasty flop.
Psychology, you know, and moral suasion,
   And all these fine nuances of the game
Appear to us, at least on this occasion,
   To have been, so to speak, a trifle tame.
We would not be too hard; we know your task is
   Sterner than we supposed when you set out
Avoiding criticism, all we ask is.
   Please drop "shock tactics" and cut "stunting" out.
Try to avoid a batting ace with roots on,
   Like Don's, to keep him at the crease, old chap;
Use only bowlers who can keep their boots on,
   And, please, please don't count too much on that cap.
If you think it would make your prospects brighter
   And help the boys to bring those Ashes back,
We'll waive that rule about the player-writer
   So that you may consider using Jack.
Take his advice, my boy; he knows the Aussie
   And all his tricks.  So, trusting you will be
On this day fortnight in a better "possie,"
   Your ever hopeful Auntie,

First published in The Herald, 5 January 1933

Note: The "Don" in verse two is, of course, Don Bradman.  The "M.C.C." is, presumably, the Marylebone Cricket Club.

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