June by A. J. Rolfe

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   Like the swell of some sweet tune
   Morning rises into noon,
   May glides onward into June.


Night's gloomy spell is broken, and the light
   Is pale and tender in the waking East;
The sudden sun with splendour sails to sight,
   The wailing night-bird's weary note has ceased.
All, all rejoice as day and life return,
   Bearing a song of gladness to the hearts
Of weary mortals who in patience yearn
   For aught to salve the wounds of Life's fierce darts.
O weary ones, look upward to the Light
   That guides our stumbling footsteps to the bourn
Where care-worn hearts are soothed, and where the night
   Is all unknown amidst eternal morn,
Where life shall spring from death, and joy from pain,
And earthly loss shall be a heavenly gain.

First published
in The Queenslander, 4 June 1892
and later in:
A Sheaf of Sonnets by A. J. Rolfe, 1892

Note: this poem in the sixth in a sequence of poems that the author wrote about each month of the year.

Author reference sites: Austlit

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