Words Out and About: Little Lonsdale Street

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Mural in the food court at the base of the Telstra headquarters, Little Lonsdale Street entrance, Melbourne.

This part of the mural shows a man holding a verse from C.J. Dennis's Sentimental Bloke. I'm not sure if the man to the right is supposed to be a portrait of Dennis as it doesn't look much like him.

The area of this food court is currently undergoing renovation and I'm not sure if this mural will survive. As a result I had to take a photo with my phone, hence the poorish quality.

1 Comment

I'm loving your C J Dennis focus. I recently got a copy of an anthology of Dennis's verse - not his Sentimental Bloke poems, collected verse from the newspapers during his curious career as a 'poet journalist' and it exceeded all expectations. Funny, witty, and wise. As a bonus, the intro says he was hired as a poet journalist by the head Packer patriarch at the time (can't remember his name). You don't expect the Packers to go about hiring poets, but there you go.

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