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Margo Lanagan jumps from one Writers' Festival to another; after being lauded at the Adelaide Writers' Week she's now off to Australian Writers' Week in Beijing.

Peter Carey with tatts representing his two Booker wins? Footballers do it, so why not writers?  I was going to say "I'd like to see that", but given the body locations of some of these tattoos I'm not so sure.

The big news this week on the e-book front concerns an "erotic" novel by Australian writer Amanda Hayward titled Fifty Shades of Grey.  Trouble is, as John Birmingham points out, it's really just re-packaged fan fiction.

Max Barry likens blogs to one-day cricket - dying but not quite dead.  He has a point.

Nicola Moriarty is the third sibling in her family to become a published author.  With a surname like that we can only suspect some sort of a "conspiracy".

D.M. Cornish has news about two new books he's working on: "The second is a proper novel that the more I work on it, the more I feel might stretch out into the usual fat, multi-volume "epic" (for want of a better word) I found myself stumbling into with MBT."

John Kinsella worries that restricting the teaching of Australian literature to a designated "canon" is a mistake.  I'd agree with that. Kinsella doesn't say we shouldn't teach the classics, just that we should be willing to add works when and where needed.

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