Poem: Where Kendal Dreamed by Will M. Fleming

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Where Kendal dreamed beside Narara Creek 
   I watched the elusive shadows come and go
And listened to the feathered songsters seek
   Elysian food where perfumed blossoms blow.
Softly they came and sang and softly went,
And all the world was full of wonderment 
      Where Kendal dreamed.   

Close by the busy hands of restless men 
   Have torn the veil from Nature's patient brow;
Despoiled her beauty Commerce with his pen
   Makes note of discounts that the Trade allow, 
And little rocks, in passing on his way,
The glories that have graced a bygone day 
   Where Kendal dreamed.

The old, romantic solitude has fled,
   And, striving, men forget the storied past;
To-day is here and yesterday is dead.
   Though stricken hopes their spectre shadows cast
Narara still is fair, the hillside gleams,
And life is sweeter for the graceful dreams
   That Kendal dreamed.

First published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 27 November 1926

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