2010 Australia Day Honours List

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As best I can tell, Peter Goldsworthy is the only literature recipient of an honour in the 2010 Australia Day Honours List; he was awarded a Member (AM) in the General Division.

On the other hand I found 6 cricketers, 3 from the wine industry, and 2 from the various football codes.  It continues a rather poor run for Australian literature in these awards.

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Oh, don't get me started! My father (a distinguished scientist) was nominated for a gong but missed out to hordes of sportsmen, entertainers and country ladies who have spent a lifetime supporting the bowls club. The Australian awards industry is bizarre.
Part of the problem is the nominations process. Firstly, you have to provide all kinds of personal information, my father's colleagues had to surreptitiously contact me for some of it. Secondly, writers - and probably most potential recipients in the arts - who you'd think ought to be acknowledged for their contribution to the arts in this country don't do the sort of things that the awards committee are impressed by. If, for example, one had wanted to nominate Patrick White (pre Nobel) all one could say in the application that he wrote terrific books. I don't imagine he was ever on a committee and I suspect he would have snorted at the very idea of team work.
It is deeply depressing.

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