Sophie Lee Interview

Sophie Lee is best known as an actor who appeared in such films as The Castle and Muriel's Wedding.  In 2007 she released a novel, Alice in La La Land, and she has now had published a children's book titled Edie Amelia and the Monkey Shoe Mystery.  As that book is appearing on the shelves she is interviewed by Fran Metcalf of "The Courier-Mail".

"I was really proud to work in the Australian film and theatre industries," she says. "But acting involved waiting for somebody to green-light your work a lot of the time and I am someone who really loves to work hard. There's something about feeling like you've done an honest day's work that I really love."

The bright lights of film and theatre that once mesmerised Lee began to dim as the grind of auditions and travel rubbed against her new-found role as a mother in 2003.

She enrolled in creative writing at University of Technology, Sydney and wrote her first book which also contained striking similarities to her own life.


Since The Castle was on TV last night, any inspiration for this post?? :)

No, purely co-incidental.

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