Online Poetry: "The blog of my enemy is failing" by Karen Andrews

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Based loosely on the classic snark poem, "The Book of My Enemy is Remaindered" by Clive James, is Karen Andrews's poem "The blog of my enemy is failing", which is published on the Overland weblog.

Of special note:

Now, soon my own blog could fail,
though not to the catastrophic extent
the failure of my enemy's blog has managed to achieve,
since in my blog's particular case it will be due
to an alexa glitch, or borked Technorati - -
merely a temporary error.

To which might be added, ISP outage or database crash

1 Comment

Indeed, Perry. If everyone put their heads together I'm sure quite a catalogue of reasons could be tallied! :) Though in your case, you never can keep a good blog(ger) down!

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