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"Lorelei V" strikes a rather Pre-Raphaelite pose on her weblog photo, which is a touch different from the cover of the new Nick Cave novel from Text Publishing.  She interviews Caro Cooper at the publishing house to find out all about it.  

Abbey's Bookshop lets us in on some of the books we can expect to see in the shops this coming end-of-year festival thingey - there are certain "C" words that may not be spoken this early in the year.

Pavlov's Cat gets a haircut ahead of the launch of the Macquarie PEN Anthology of Australian Literature.  (Oh, god, is that twitter trying to sneak in the back door?) Which reminds me I must get out and buy myself a copy. It's always fun playing "But they forgot about..."

Judith Ridge, of the "Misrule" weblog, travelled to the UK recently for a Diana Wynne Jones conference, delivered a paper and got a good write-up in "The Guardian".  The paper's reporter described Judith as her "favourite speaker of the weekend". 

I've watched Test cricket at Lord's but I've never had my name featured on a billboard like the "Alien Onion" crew.


Hi Perry! Lovely to meet you, though of course it was hard to get to you amongst the throng of admirers.

And it was good for me to be able to put faces to names as well. Has anyone written anything about our little get-together?

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