Film Adaptation of Mao's Last Dancer Update

In the midst of an interview with Mao's Last Dancer author, Li Cunxin, in "The Australian", Pia Akerman reveals that the film adaptation of the book wil be released in October.  Accord to the Internet Movie DataBase, the film will be directed by Bruce Beresford, from a script by Jan Sardi, and featuring Bruce Greenwood, Alice Parkinson, Kyle MacLachlan and Chi Cao.  And, in keeping with the unwritten rule that all Australian films must have a part for Jack Thompson, he appears here as a US Federal Judge. 


Having just returned from Canada, after seeing Mao's Last Dancer at the Torronto Film Festival, I must say how disappointed I am with this film adaptation of the book.

It has all the hallmarks of 50s melodrama: every step predictable, every issue lightly skimmed, every character underdeveloped, long, drawn out scenes, tedious flashback sequences and a happy ending.

Should appeal to ballet lovers (the dance sequences are good), retirees and emotionally deprived housewives, who I'm sure will shed buckets of tears at the end.

As for those who expect a bit more 'artistry' from the likes of Beresford (director) and Sardi (screenwriter) forget it. This one is as mushy as they come, with an onslaught of cliches that's enough to drive a tea-totaller to drink!

two out of five for this pot boiler

How sad that some people are too blase to be swept away by an inspiring story that celebrates dedication,hard work and self discipline geared to make a great gift blossom.

I felt that the film version transcended the book which told a great story without much drama or artistry.
It takes a fellow artist like Beresford to bring out the heroic potential in the book and reveal the strength of this dancer's character as well as the greatness and stunning beauty of his talent.

Open your eyes and your heart and be inspired!

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