Poem: The Rejected Authors' Club by Creeve Roe (Victor Daley) Part 1

Trodden worms may turn -- to vipers,
There are bounds set to all gripers
Of the Chance -- from kings to swipers
      In a pub.
Certain gentlemen respected
In this town, and well-connected,
Have established The Rejected
      Authors' Club.

Now the Editor tyrannic
Shall no more with smile Satanic --
Or perhaps in jealous panic --
      Drop their screed
In his basket-grave infernal,
Wherein rest, in peace eternal,
Better things than in his journal
      People read.

Let that Editorial Vulture
In his pages give sepulture
To his friends' work; Men of Culture
      Will not care.
He no more shall bullyrag them,
Satirise and nag and scrag them --
For wild horses will not drag them
      To his lair.

They have found a place of meeting
That will take a lot of beating;
There you may, for moments fleeting
      Shoulders rub
With stout poets, rich and wary,
Who write verses light and airy --
And they've made me Secretary
      Of the Club.

Our club rooms -- we're no ascetics --
Are a lesson in aesthetics,
And our sofas are not bed ticks
If your saw our fine-cut glasses,
And our pictures -- each first-class is --
You would be -- and this no gas is --
      Much surprised.
In our club there no no needy
Bards or storytellers seedy,
Who demand with voices greedy
      Coin or gore --
No poor devils who with scowling
Brows write love-songs, while the prowling
Wolf of Hunger comes a-howling
      To their door.

If with us you chanced to mingle,
It would make your pulses tingle
Just to hear the joyful jingle
      Of the coin
In our pockets -- that's a chiming
That is better than your rhyming,
And your poor Parnassus climbing --
      Will you join?

First published in The Bulletin, 16 September 1909

[Note: part 2 of this poem will be posted next week.]

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