Shut Out the Light

Thirdcat is back in Adelaide and suffering a form of performance anxiety. And then she posts a link to the review.
Bravery indeed. But it all seems to have worked out well.

SF writer John Scalzi proposes a statute of limitations on spoilers, citing the recent film version of Watchmen as an example. It's 23 years old now and he reckons he should be able to say what he likes about it.

Sarsaparilla, one of the better Australian literature plus weblogs going around (bastards!), dropped off the internet radar late last year but has now been resurrected in lite form prior to a new launch sometime soon.

It's not Australian but it is about Shakespeare so I guess that overrides everything else. Charlotte Higgins, of "The Guardian", is not convinced the newly discovered portrait of Shakespeare is anything of the sort. I tend to agree. When I saw it on the television news a day or two back and heard that it was supposed to represent Bill only 6 years before his death, that is at age 46, I just about choked on my glass of red.

Hoaxes are always good fun, so long as you aren't the "hoaxee". ABC News in the USA lists its 19 famous literary hoaxes. Keep an eye peeled for Forbidden Love by Norma Khouri. Which all goes well with "Jennifer Byrne Presents: Literary Hoaxes" which aired on ABC Television (Australia) this week.

If you've ever wondered if mining your own family for material is the right and proper thing to do, then I suggest you don't read this. Kim Forrester has the rest of the relevant links fully covered.

The 2009 Tournament of Books is running in the US and the latest match-up is The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga vs Harry, Revised by Mark Sarvas. I mention this because Adiga is now being described as Indian/Australian and Sarvas was here for last year's Melbourne Writers' Festival. And because I think the whole idea rather amusing.

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