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Judith Ridge announces another loss in the world of Australian children's literature with the passing of children's book illustrator Kilmeny Niland - a daughter of Ruth Park and D'Arcy Niland.

Sean Williams is appearing at the Adelaide Fringe festival next week, discussing authors who have inspired him.

Flinders University has announced a new web-based literary journal, "Transnational Literature", which has an impressive advisory board. The first issue is dated November 2008.

James Bradley is waiting for a time traveller. A bit to the left James.

If anyone takes my upcoming hint and mentions Garry Disher's Wyatt novels to the Hard Case Crime publishers in the US, I would be: a) pleased the books have found a new home, and b) quite happy to have my name applied to a victim in any future volume in the series. It's the least I can do.

And in a case of "I see you watching me watching you", Margo Lanagan has mentioned my "Margo Lanagan Watch #2" post of last week on her weblog, as well as the note I sent to the Moleskinerie blog about her notebook post from her time as resident blogger at the State Library of Victoria. Now, if Margo mentions this post, my head can safely implode, and I might get some sleep.

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