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Garry Disher

Cover design: Siren

Dustjacket synopsis:
"Wyatt robs banks, and lifts payrolls. Most men like him are dead or in gaol.

"But Wyatt stamps a cold, pitiless style on his heists - and makes sure that he never gets caught.

"Now his funds are low and his luck is running out - until the day Anna Reid explains about the kickback in her partners's safe.

"Other players are involved: Bauer - who learnt his trade shooting blacks in Southern Africa; Ivan Younger - small-time boss; Sugarfoot Younger - sullen urban cowboy.

"In the world of Kickback there is no yielding, no redemption. When Wyatt is crossed, the outcome is inevitable."

"Tough, realistic crime-from-the-inside" - Stephen Knight
"Garry Disher is a superior writer of crime fiction...Kickback is tough, violent, relentless and thoroughly convincing. It may well become the book by which contemporary Australian crime fiction is measured." - Stuart Coope
"Disher's masterly control over detail make Kickback one of the most successful books of its kind." - Robert Hood

First Paragraph

Wyatt tensed. A silver BMW had emerged from the driveway of the Frome place. The headlights plunged, then levelled, as the car entered Lansell Road. Wyatt counted heads: Frome driving, wife next to him, kids in the back. He checked the time - 8 pm - and watched the BMW disappear in the direction of Toorak Road.

'Let's go,' Sugarfoot Younger said.

He reached for the key in the ignition but before he could turn it Wyatt's fingers closed like a steel clamp on his wrist. He looked around. The eyes were closed an dremorseless in Wyatt's narrow face. 'We wait,' Wyatt said.

Sugarfoot jerked free his hand. 'What the fuck for?'

'People forget things, Sugar. They feel cold and come back for their coats. We wait.'

'Aaah,' Sugarfoot Younger said.

From the Allen and Unwin paperback edition, 1991.

This is number 1 in the Wyatt series of novels.

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