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Some time back on this weblog I attempted to explain the reason why I persisted with a pseudonym. Basically, the argument ran, I started this weblog and didn't know where it would take me, nor what sort of response I would get; a pseudonym seemed like a minimum form of protection and, I figured, it would be pretty easy to find out who I was for
real - my name was up there on the "About Me" page. But the argument was a pretty thin one and I always thought I might get around to scrapping the mask and stepping out firmly into the light. I just never got round to it. Then, earlier today, I read a note on a weblog that implied that people using pseudonyms on weblogs have "something to hide". And that got me to thinking about the whole thing again. So, this is the first post under a new name. Meet the new blogger; same as the old blogger.

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