On Other Blogs #28

Damien, on his "Crime Down Under" weblog, has followed up his list of Favourite Comic Crime Novels, with a rundown of Australian Female Private Investigators. It's a pretty substantial list.

In the middle of a post about being asked to attend Adelaide's "Festival of Ideas" in July, and blog about it, Pavlov's Cat writes: "For anyone new to this blog who is bemused by the catblogging and other domestic preoccupations
indiscriminately mixed up with the posts about politics and culture and ideas, this kind of heterogeneous reportage is one of the most pronounced manifestations in the blogosphere of gender difference, and in my case at least is a deliberate if very mild bit of feminist activism. Never mind the women from Venus and the men from Mars; my equivalent book on the subject would be called Male Bloggers Compartmentalise and Female Bloggers Don't." Surely not!!

TET, "The Extraordinary Tourist", goes looking for a statue of C.J Dennis while on a road trip from Adelaide to Broken Hill. He draws a blank around Auburn (where Dennis was born) and in Mintaro (where he lived for a while) before discovering that the statue he was looking for is located further north in Laura. Actually there are two statues in the town - which I wasn't aware of when I was last there about 10 years ago: one in the main street, which you can see in the Clare Valley Heritage Trail brochure (PDF file); and the other by the town hall, a photo of which I published on this weblog last year.

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