Carol Lefevre Interview

As Carol Lefevre's first novel, Nights in the Asylum, accumulates reviews in the major outlets she is interviewed by Danielle Teutsch in "The Sydney Morning Herald". Of special note is the news: "Lefevre is now doing a PhD in creative writing at the University of South Australia and working on her second novel, If You Were Mine.

"Her second novel will explore the bonding process between mother and child, and themes of adoption and infertility. They are issues close to Lefevre's heart, as she adopted her daughter after an unsuccessful round of IVF treatment.

"This time, she is drawing geographical inspiration from South Australia's 'Heartbreak Plains', about 250kilometres north of Adelaide, which she describes as a 'landscape littered with abandoned cottages and the odd spooky ghost town'. Once again, the place is a rich repository for stories."

Which certainly interests me as that was the area in which I grew up.

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