On Other Blogs #17

Peter Rozovsky, from the "Detectives Beyond Borders" weblog, ponders how authors build up a character in a detective series. He uses David Owen's novels about "Franz Heineken, the entertaining, gruff and thorough Tasmania police inspector" as a guide.

Want to know how to plan to publish a book yourself, then Ampersand Duck has the answer. She talks about an art show catalog but the same process can be used for just about any other form of self-published work.

If you are at all interested in selling dark or speculative fiction then you should have a look at the "Horrorscope" weblog's update on the current magazine outlets. Categories featured include: dead markets, suspect markets, closed markets, status changes, and open/new markets.

Mike Volpe, GM of Opera Holland Park in London, is looking for Clive James. Not in a stalking, predatory way, but because he wants to interview him about opera and Holland Park. He's tried James's agent and website with no luck, and now puts out a call on his website for contact details. I get questions like this from time to time, and always refer the enquirer to the author's publisher.

Penni Russon announces the arrival of her new novel Breathe - on US bookshelves at least. As you might expect, she's a bit chuffed about it.

Kate Holden, author of In My Skin: A Memoir of Addiction, undertakes the "page 69 test" on Marshal Zeringue's weblog "Campaign for the American Reader".

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