Spotted at the Cricket

I spent yesterday at the cricket - about 10 seats to the east of where Andrew Symonds landed his century-making six, if you're interested in that sort of thing - and had a bit of a look around at the crowd to see what they were reading during the slow parts. As you might expect there were a number of readers of newspapers and magazines, but only two reading books that I noted: The Firm by John Grisham and Every Move you Make by David Malouf. I would say the second was a Christmas present, but the first? Hardly seems the book you'd want to read a second time, if, as I suspect, the film version with Tom Cruise gave away all the major plot points. Not that I can see myself reading it to find out.

I took along the Christmas issue of the "New York Review of Books" and didn't open it: the game was just too interesting. Now, if England had been batting...

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