On Other Blogs #2

Justine Larbalestier discusses the art of lying with John Green on her weblog. Fiction is just lying? Who knew? I especially liked Justine's line: "Me and my sister being on the run from an evil cult of nuns who killed our family and ate our family cat and now being in witness protection with our fake parents was way more exciting than my actual life." It's the bit about the cat that amuses me.

Kimbofo has been running a set of author profiles on her weblog, detailing each of the authors on the 2006 Man Booker prize longlist. [The link here is to Sarah Waters, the last in the series.]

Kelly Gardiner details some problems of being a writer working from home: specifically having to put up with a loud radio, belonging to the builders next door, blaring out crap 80s commercial pap.

Scott Westerfeld informs us that Penguin Books have posted a podcast of a conversation between himself and his partner Justine Larbalestier.

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