Combined Reviews: Heavenly Pleasures by Kerry Greenwood

heavenly_p.jpg Reviews of Heavenly Pleasures by Kerry Greenwood.

Heavenly Pleasures is the second novel in Greenwood's detective series featuring Corinna Chapman, following Earthly Delights.

Andrea Thompson, from the Murder and Mayhem Bookclub, sets the tone of all these reviews right off the bat when she states: "[The books in the series] are unashamed cozies and an excellent example of this popular sub-genre that has evolved around the tastes of mystery readers who prefer it light, fun and not too demanding. All the best ingredients are here, food, gossip, cats and a little romance. A book to be dipped pleasurably in and out of, Heavenly Pleasures is a delicious read for more than just the usual reasons of entertaining characters and a lively plot. It comes with recipes!"

Katharine England, in "The Advertiser", concluded that this book " written with Greenwood's customary verve and wit, and is as warming as onion soup on a cold day and as titillating to the tastebuds as a champagne truffle."

Sue Gammon, in the book review section of the ABC website went a bit further than the others on the food line: "I defy anyone to read these books without instantly wanting to rush into the kitchen and become an instant bread maker. The author obviously has a lifelong passion for muffins of all types, and is a serious bread lover. The characters and plots are as light as Corinna's bread, and as enjoyable."

You can find out more about this book, and the series at the dedicated Earthly Delights website. The site gives further details about the books, the authors and a batch of recipes relating to the series. A fine example of what a little forethought can do to help a book's publicity.

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