Jed and His Two Dads - Dear, Oh Dear

The New South Wales right is outraged that children in that state's schools are being taught (no, brainwashed) about same-sex marriages and their familes. It seems that 8-year-old Brenna Harding has written a series of books with her lesbian mother featuring Jed and his Two Dads. "Nationals leader Andrew Stoner yesterday said the books are another example of 'political correctness gone mad'." And good old Rev Fred Nile, scourge of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, says the books are "homosexual propaganda aimed at brainwashing children at such a sensitive age...It's a disgrace." Both have called on NSW Premier Bob Carr to ban the books from the state's schools. Brenna Harding, you may recall, caused something of an uproar a few months back, when she appeared on the ABC's Playschool children's television program with her two mothers. And good on her I say. But she'd be a handful if she can stir up this much trouble when she's 8. What's she going to be like when she's 18, running for Parliament. Now there's an idea.

[Thanks to Bookslut for the link. "The Daily Telegraph" is not a newspaper I read often - actually, at all - but I have decided to add it to my regular list. If only for the amusement value.]

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