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Listed today on EBay Australia: "UNPUBLISHED MANUSCRIPT/NOVEL/162865 WORDS" - Item number: 7949533764. The author describes this work as follows: "This 177 A4 page manuscript was written by myself over a period of two and a half years (started 1999). After finishing the actual story I began the arduous task of spelling and grammer. Still in dire need of these things being done correctly I have grown increasingly impatient and finally tired of the whole task of completing these final tasks myself and have therefor decided to sell the manuscript as is. It has never been assessed proofwritten or submitted for publication. It is in its raw form and fourth and final draught before grammer and spelling is completed. The storyline is totally completed."

The paragraph above is copied directly from the Ebay entry. And, err, umm, needs a bit of editing methinks. I really don't know what to say about this. Does the author think that this manuscript (and by implication any manuscript) has an inherent value just because someone has spent the time to write it? Maybe. In which case this whole thing is every sad. It needs to be pointed out that it now isn't even worth the paper it is typed on. And unread, why would anyone buy it? And the asking price? The seller has placed a reserve on the item of $500. I fear they are going to be very disappointed.

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