The Tree by Dorothea Dowling

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The ritual of Christmas does not change.
Each year there's much the same routine,
When last year's lid is lifted from the box
Revealing tawdry tinsel, red and green,
To decorate the tree again this year;
The tarnished silver star to crown its peak,
With new adornments added to the old
Selected from the chain store through the week. 
For in the mystery of the candlelight
We feel these symbols shine as pure gold -- 
With every heart a child's at Christmas-time
Responding to this season, young and old.

Would that this childish spirit could survive
To light the burdens of the year to be,
As simple people wish  each other joy
Around the candles of their Christmas tree.

First published in The Australian Women's Weekly, 25 December 1963

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