The Rain on the Grave by P. Luftig (Peter Airey)

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'Neath the torrid sun of the Western plain 
   There lieth a dear one dead; 
O! blue were his eyes and fair the curls 
   That clustered round his head.

There were none to smooth his pillow down, 
   To close his eyelids dear; 
No sound of woman's weeping fell, 
   There fell no burning tear. 

But far, where the little homestead lies, 
   An old man's hair is gray; 
His heart is faint with a deadly fear 
   For the son so far away. 

And the mother wails her absent one, 
   As Rachel did of old-- 
'No more I'll see his eyes of blue,   
   Or dress his locks of gold'; 

While a winsome maiden bows her head 
   As the big brown eyes run o'er -- 
'And though my love lies low in death, 
   I will love him evermore.' 

And the tears that fast and faster fall 
   The kind heaven lifts on high, 
And forms of the drops a cloudlet pale 
   That floats to the Western sky; 

And the tears fall soft from the cloudlet down 
   Afar on the dear one's head; 
That he lie not alone on the Western plain, 
   Unwept--among the dead.

First published in The Queenslander, 16 December 1893

Author reference sites: Austlit, Australian Dictionary of Biography

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