The Bullocky's Xmas Carol by W.T. Goodge

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"It's a merry (bally) Christmas 
For a bullocky, by Jove; 
Gee, back, Strawberry! way there, Diamond! 
   'Nough to sicken any cove! 
Got a surplus, this 'ere Gov'ment! 
   If they had to drive these loads 
They would spend their bally surplus 
   On these (bally) country roads!" 

"Mind that (bally) saplin' Baldy! 
Strike me pink, but this is sweet!   
They must think the only roadway 
   Is in (bally) George's Street! 
It's a merry (bally) Christmas 
   But it ain't no (bally) joke; 
With the roadways left in this way 
   For a bally country bloke."

First published in The Queanbeyan Age, 20 December 1907

Author reference sites: AustlitAustralian Poetry Library

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