Sonnet: The New Year by D. Glasson

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It rides upon the air, insistent, clear,
   The grave carillion's melancholy chime,  
That knells the passing of another year.  
   Another milestone on the road of Time
Has slipped into the silent Past, ere we
   Had well descried it loom from out the night
That shrouds the highway of the dim To Be,
   And, like a wraith has vanished from our sight.
But, hark! a note triumphant, unafraid,
   Steals through the singing of the throbbing bells,
Like golden sunlight, filtering through shade,
   Of hope reborn and faith its message tells,
And lo! before us, like a clean, white scroll,
   Unwinds the broad, straight roadway to our goal!

First published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 29 December 1928

Author: Nothing is known about the author of this poem.

Author reference site: Austlit

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