New House by Henry Halloran

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Oh! strive, once more I say, my countrymen! 
To lift us up above the breath of shame, 
And win for us, as ye may win, a fame
From all who speak and all who wield the pen.
In our great country's honor cleanse ye, then, -- 
The taint of former days were worse than blame, 
And would have marr'd the most exalted name 
And made us bye-words in the mouths of men. 
Only behold yourselves as we behold,
The stewards of the Future, writ about
With prophesies of greatness far more bright
Than greatness of old States, where might is right. 
Be faithful to our trust, which scorneth doubt
But is resolved a strict account to hold.

First published in The Australian Town and Country Journal, 21 November 1885 

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