Irony by J. Braham

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Many members at home, speaking of our national defences, say that Britain is totally unprepared for war, and that some of our most cherished possessions are practically defenceless.

Will your people take our country?
   Saod the ptressman to the Jap.
No, we'll not have such effront'ry,
   Said the truthful little chap
Not a rumour have I heard;
The idea is too absurd.
You may take my sacred word,
   Of its truth there's not a scrap.

You've a fertile land, and healthy,
   Said the Consul to the pro.,
With wool, wheat, and gold 'tis wealthy,
   As we Japanese well know.
You've strong forts all round your coast,
Of huge ships a mighty host,
And we all should be "on toast"
   If we tried to land. Oh, no!

You're a jew'l bright in Britain's crown,
   Said the Consul, with a grin.
And who would brave proud England's frown
   That precious gem to win.
In security you bask,
Why such foolish questions ask?
You but simply wear a mask,
   And to taunt us is a sin.

Many nations look with longing,
   Said the little Jap. once more.
With their troops would here be thronging
   Could they only get ashore.
Your defences are so sound,
Not a single vantage ground
In Australia can be found:
   Why risk shedding useless gore?

First published in Melbourne Punch, 10 November 1910

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