The Sisters by Myra M. Campbell

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Together, in a garden that I know,
   Stand two young gumtrees -- tall and straight and slight,
While draped about their slender limbs of snow
   Are two wistaria vines -- one mauve one white.

Like scented ringlets tossed upon the breeze
   Their flagrant blossoms sway in careless grace,
Lending an added beauty to the trees --
   Casting a sweet aroma o'er the place.

Like sisters, stand these saplings, side by side,
   All decked for dancing 'neath the moon tonight --
Or maybe one's a bridesmaid, one a bride --
   The one in mauve -- the other veiled in white!  

With mingled locks and arms that interwine,
   They seem to stoop and whisper secrets sweet;
While soft winds murmur o'er each branch and vine,
   And perfumed petals flutter to our feet!  

First published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 15 October 1932

Author reference site: Austlit

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