Sea-Shell by Marjorie Quinn

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I found you on the sandy shore,
   Fluted and delicate and thin,
And knew that lately you had been
   Lapped by the tide that, rushing in,
Drew out again to ocean-well
Leaving you desolate, sea-shell!

I found you there so sweetly wrought,
   So fine, so exquisitely made,
Resting upon the grains of sand
   Where late the tumbling waves had played;
The rosy colour blushing through
Your skin, as it in life might do.

I found you by your lord bereft,
   Lonely upon the furrowed sand;
How, shall I take you for my own
   And hold you close within my hand?
The tide turns and he comes apace --
I fling you back to his embrace!

First published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 31 October 1936

Author reference site: Austlit

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