Faithful to the End by Clarinda Parkes

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He watches at the sick man's side,
   Still constant at the latest breath;
With love that will not be denied    
To follow, and unterrified,
   His footstep down the ways of death.    

And we behold and question not;
   So common is the wonder grown;
How man such miracle has wrought
That to a brute's dull spirit is taught
   A faith more faithful than his own.     

Nor in some brute of gentle mood:   
   Not so; or were the marvel less;
But in the grey breast of the wood,
Athirst for rapine and for blood,  
   Is risen this soul of tenderness.

Man, if thou wilt explore the cause,
   Ask of the deep and of the height,
And question of eternal laws
The power that all creation draws
   Through darkness to the Infinite.          

In sight nor word the answer lies:
   Yet, humbly listening to thine ears,
Faint as from far, may murmurs rise
Of Love's majestic harmonies,
   That rule the concord of all spheres.        

First published in The Australian Town and Country Journal, 5 September 1896

Author reference site: Austlit

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