The Rouseabout by C. Walker Chandler

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I'm picking up wool in a shearing shed,
   Lincoln, and Cross, and Merino bred,
Then spreading it out as quick as can be,
   Just for the "tony" Classer to see.

They've emptied the paddocks into the yard,
   (Sheep can't get away with dogs on guard)
And soon they'll be hurried into the pen,
   Then on to the "board" and out again.

I would like to think that after I die,
   I could spread my fleeces across the sky,
And be turning the dark clouds inside out,
   Just like a heavenly Rouse-about.

First published
in The Sydney Morning Herald, 10 July 1926

Author: Charles Walker Chandler (1894-1971) was born in London and died in New Zealand.  beyond this nothing is known about this author.

Author reference site: Austlit

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