Smoke by Christine Comber

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Smoke from factory chimneys is black, and foul, and thick,
   Rolling in slow curls that blur the ocean-line,
A giant full of malice, it o'er-spreads the morning sky
   As if to blot the sunshine out of this heart of mine.

Smoke from pine-wood bonfires is fragrant in the night,
   Rising in gusts of whiteness and sparks that soar and die;
Smoke from country bonfires has memories in its haze
   Of poplar-spears and fir-incense, and stars and midnight sky.

Smoke from cottage chimneys is friendly, cheerful smoke,  
   Standing straight above them like a flimsy, greyish spire,   
Smoke from cottage chimneys sends a message through the night
   Of steaming tea, and slippers, and an armchair by the fire.

First published in The Australian Women's Weekly, 8 June 1935

Author reference site: Austlit

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