The Blue Road by Christine Comber

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Slowly down the blue road
   Drifts a flock of sheep
Down the sloping blue road,
   More than fifty deep.

Huddled shoulder-close they move
   Along the dustless track;
Hotly beats the midday sun
   Upon each wooly back.

Now adown the blue road,
   Wide and unconfined,
See a score of rebel sheep
   Lagging far behind.

Rounded to a flock again,
   Driven they know not where,
Slowly down the road drift
   Sheep without a care.

Flock of fleecy cirrus clouds,
   Round and fat and white,
Wind, the shepherd, drives them on
   Slowly out of sight.

First published in The Sydney Mail, 13 February 1935

Author: Nothing is known about the author of this poem.

Author reference site: Austlit

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