Evolution by Emily Coungeau

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A child of the Sun I am ages old,
I live on the Past, and its wisdom unfold;
A Handmaid of Nature my dwelling unseen,
I'm integrally part of whatever has been.
Like a meteor I sprang from the womb of the Sky.
For of Sun dust and Star dust an atom am I;
Whatever my place in Cosmogonic Laws,
I belong to the Great and Invisible Cause.   
Incorporate yet with the corporate mind
I resolve myself, evolve, and govern Mankind.
I was nursed in Oblivion, with Silence was reared,
Controlling Man's destiny, ever unheard;
I press through the centuries slowly, but sure,
And I never may rest until Time be no more.   
An Atom of mighty centrifugal force,
No power can destroy or can alter my course;
Though Earth and her Satellite fall like a star,
I still will rejoice on some Planet afar.
A Mentor I am if Man will but read,
For Cause and Effect are God's agents indeed.   
Though I ever despoil, yet I ever renew,
And I silently work where no mortal may view:  
I move on the Mountains, I move in the Deep,
I never am still, yet eternally sleep;
Like the dew of the morning refreshing the ground  
I bless and am blended with all things around.
From the steps of the past to the future I climb,
For from Heaven I am sent with a message sublime:    
On the Rocks -- Nature's Book -- my traces I leave,
That in me -- Evolution -- you all may believe.

First published in The Brisbane Courier, 5 February 1913;
and later in
Rustling Leaves: Selected Poems by Emily Coungeau, 1920.

Author reference sites: Austlit, Australian Dictionary of Biography

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