Surf Bathing by J. Braham

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How bracing 'tis to breast the billows high
   To plunge beneath the foaming, hissing spray,
To watch the broad expanse 'twixt sea and sky
   Emerging fresh and cool on hottest day:
Delightful, too, to watch the lovely shapes
   Of females splashing, dashing in the brine,
In costume that artistically drapes
   And renders more pronounced the "form divine."
Why not? The men enjoy the bracing dip.
   Their sense of beauty gratified as well.
"Honi soit," etcetera's the tip --
   Life's none too sunny: Do not break the spell.
So let the "carping critics" who declaim
   Mixed bathing is unseemly, gross and wrong
Know where no harm's meant where can be the blame,
   And think before they "cast the stone along."

First published in The Melbourne Punch, 20 January 1908

Author: nothing is known about the author of this poem.

Author reference sites: Austlit.

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