Solitary by Emily Bulcock

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Man's spirit dwells within a desert place.
   He strives in vain to voice his soul's deep speech;
Stretching frail hands across dividing space ---
   No handclasp comes, no intimate answers reach.

Must even Love that chasm fail to span?
   Must passion's rarest moments teach but this,   
That utterly alone the Soul of Man
   Finds no real fusion even in lovers' kiss?     

"Come closer love --- so near I may not feel
   The sundering chasm, which all our love defies.
Next moment may the shuddering Gulf reveal.
   O love with subtle witcheries bind my eyes!"

Nay, wistful mortal, doomed from your strange birth    
   To hopeless quest beneath an alien sky ---   
Heir of the Heavens ye shall not find on earth
   The ultimate answer to your yearning cry.

First published in The Courier-Mail, 20 November 1937

Author reference sites: Austlit, Australian Dictionary of Biography

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