My Dream by Walter D. White

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Let me go out into the pathway of the sun;
Be upborne by the sweet incense of far hills
And the haunting melodies of wind in the trees;   
Dare the charging squadrons of the storm --
Pass, unchallenged, through moonlit towns at night --
Gaze, spellbound, at all the pomps of Dawn;
Press forward to the sunlit heights of Heaven.
On the wings of the wind I shall ride
Adown the corridors of space;  
Cross uncharted oceans to undiscovered lands
Where new suns rise in awful majesty;
Past whirling spheres to where lightnings flash
Like fiery streams and meteors crash 'gainst worlds
And rock the Universe
While unimagined thunders shake the firmament!
On, on, ever on! Questing the Happy Land!
So, through the endless vistas of the skies,
I shall glimpse the City of my Dreams --
The realm eternal, the blessed land,
Where dwell the Sons of God--
These live for evermore.

First published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 24 September 1932

Author: Walter David White (1857-1941) was born in Bristol, England, and arrived in Australia in 1884.  He worked on a number of newspapers in New South Wales, as well as in the State's public service.  He died in Roseville, New South Wales in 1941.

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