August by A. J. Rolfe

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"Joy shall overtake us as a flood."--MILTON.

Slowly the mists of night are rolled away;
   And with his retinue and pageant bold
The King of Light in glorious array
   Bursts on the waking world all clad with gold.
And at tbe Sun dispels the shades of Night,
   Breaking a glorious entrance through the veil
That separates the darkness from the light,
   Making, by his great presence, Beauty pale,
So when Life's weary night, that dawnless seems,
   Draws to its close, at last thro' shadows drear
A glorious perfectness of heavenly gleams
   Will through our dismal darkness then appear;
And, calmly radiant, joy will reign for aye
When morning breaks and shadows flee away.

First published in The Queenslander, 6 August 1892;
and later in:
A Sheaf of Sonnets by A. J. Rolfe, 1892

Note: this poem in the eighth in a sequence of poems that the author wrote about each month of the year.

Author reference sites: Austlit

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