Far Away by Kathleen Dalziel

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Far away, oh, far away!
   Where the golden morning breaketh
Over purple summer seas,
Rippling, sparkling, in the bay,
Splushing softly on the strand --
On the shining, yellow sand;
   When the reign of Summer waketh
In that distant summer land
         Far away.

Far away, oh, far away!
   Where the dusty road winds down,
Past where oak and willow trees
Dream throughout the drowsy day.
Where the snowy orchards lie,
Bridal-robed 'neath azure sky,
   Winding on towards the town
Where the swift-winged sea-birds fly
         Far away.

Far away, oh, far away!
   O! the dainty garden bowers
With the great, sweet, yellow roses,
Sweeter than the scent of May.
O, the little sunny town!
O, the little white-roofed town,
   Sleeping through the quiet hours
By the hillside green and brown,
         Far away.

Far away, oh, far away!
   Setting sun behind the hill,
Flinging shadows dark and vast
On the waters of the bay,
While the wavelets kiss the shore,
Coming, going ever more;
   Where the dusk is cool and still,
And the stars light heaven's floor,
         Far away.

I shall never see it more.
   I have left it all behind
On the weary round of time;
Never see the shining shore,
Nor the road that windeth down
From the hillside to the town;
   Nor the scented evening wind
Swing the roses as of yore,
         Never more.

First published in The Bulletin, 17 March 1904

Author: Lau Kathleen Natalie Dalziel (nee Walker) (1881-1969) was born in Durban, South Africa, and migrated to Australia with her family some time around 1887.  She lived in northern Tasmania in her early years before moving to Victoria after her marriage.  Her early poems in The Bulletin received a lot of praise but she only published one collection of poetry during her lifetime.  She was widely known as a writer of poetry for children, and was a founding member of the Melbourne P.E.N. Club.  She died in Ivanhoe, Victoria, in 1969.

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