Let's Not Kid Ourselves...

...postings has been pretty lightweight around here of late.  For months probably.

You can basically put this down to the work I'm doing helping to organise Aussiecon 4 which is currently occupying my thoughts for just about every spare waking hour, and quite a number of the sleeping ones as well.  In three weeks' time I'll be onto the last day of the convention and staring at the rest of my life when I never do this again; which is something to look forward to.

The activity hasn't been overly unpleasant, just time-consuming to an extent that I had hoped wouldn't occur.  But we make our choices, and we take our chances etc etc.

Don't expect much here for the next three to four weeks.  I'll be back in better shape later in the year.  Just for now, I'm simply trying to hang in there.

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