Poem: A Sorrowful Stave by Patrick O'Maori (David McKee Wright)

The world is fair, I do not care a rap,
Here seated on the bush-clad Maungatapu,

Any by my side a maiden fair and comely
Who wears the ancient, noble name of Cholmondeley.

If she were gone, I would not care a rap who
Might sit upon the top of Maungatapu;

But, certain as her Christian name is Nelly,
I love to sit beside Miss Cholmondeley.

Which simple tale, in rhythm and rhyme,
Reveals the glory of our tongue sublime,

And gives the needed explanation well
Why rhyming bardlets never learn to spell;

For, using English methods free and flowery,
We needs must get to work to mangle Maori.

First published in The Bulletin, 18 August 1910

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