2010 Speculative Fiction Snapshot

Back in 2005 Ben Peek took it upon himself to conduct short interviews with as many Australian speculative fiction writers as he could over a one week period - he got in touch with 43 of them.

Then in 2007 another group followed up Peek's original and interviewed 83 authors and editors.

Now a similar group to the 2007 people, has decided to do it all again in this week leading up to February 22nd.

You can read all of the interviews, as they happen on the following weblogs:

Random Alex
girlie jones
Nothing Rhymes with Rachel
stiching words, one thread at a time

I'm interested to see that one of the common questions they all ask is: "Are you planning to go to Aussiecon 4 in September?"  And it seems the bulk of them will be there.

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