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Margo Lanagan is helping out her Russian translator of Tender Morsels.  The word under discussion here is "mudwife" - which Margo explains is a corruption of "midwife".  Just goes to show how much we take more granted in our use of our language.   And if you want to know what a World Fantasy Award looks like then here is Margo's.

Chris Lawson trawls the list of search engine phrases readers have used to get to his weblog "Talking Squid".  Some of them are very odd.

Justine Larbalestier and Scott Westerfeld have been offering writing tips for those attempting NaNoWriMo - which is short for National Novel Writing Month; a concept that gets people to commit to writing a novel of 50,000 words during November.  Justine's latest tip: turn the Internet off.  Good tip if you want to get anything done actually.

Tired of hunting down living authors to question, Lucy Sussex decides that dead ones stay put and has an interview with Barbara Baynton (dead since 1929) in the latest issue of Midnight Echo.

"Hackpacker" has been inside the new Centre for Books and Writing in Melbourne and has come back with pictures.

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