The ABR Favourite Australian Novel Poll

The "Australian Book Review" has decided to conduct a poll to decide the list of Favourite Australian Novels.  Fully aware that various similar polls have been conducted over the years, they especially want to point out that this poll relates to NOVELs, not general books, not poetry collections and not memoirs, biographies and the like.  And it relates to AUSTRALIAN novels. So we might finally get a poll of Australian readers that doesn't feature a certain hobbit travelogue in first place. ABR is asking people to vote for a SINGLE novel in the poll, which seems the best approach. 

I always think these are worthy ideas, so long as someone else organises them.  I would reckon, if you were to ask me, that Winton will probably end up on top with another one or two by him in the top ten.  Beyond that, it's anyone's guess.

Anyway, although I can't see it mentioned on the blog post, entries close on December 15. You can vote via email or you can print off the form and mail or fax it in.  There are prizes - 99 Popular Penguins being the first of them. So vote early, vote...well, once would be best. 

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