Poem: The Poet's Visitors by P. Luftig (Peter Airey)

Kling-ling-ling-ling! They'll be breaking
   That poor bell-rope clean in two.
Would to Heav'n the Deuce were taking
   All the noisy, ringing crew!

"Boy! Who makes that row appalling?"
   "Sir, an ancient, dowdy dame,
Wrinkled, crinkled, comes a-calling;
   Wisdom is the lady's name."
"Boy! To sober statesmen send her
   Or to sages grey" (I said)
"They may possibly attend her --
   As for me -- I'm sick in bed."

"Boy, who's there?" "A frowsy, frigid,
   Rusty-dress-enveloped dame,
With an aspect stern and rigid --
   Madame Frugal is her name."
"Tell her that I'm not at leisure:
   She would bid me scrape and save;
Songs and flowers are all my treasure --
   Songs and flowers are all I crave."

"Boy! who's there?" "A young and slender
   Smiling dashing sort of dame,
Blest with eyes of bluest splendor,
   Freedom is the lady's name."
"Let her in! But, stay -- the darling
   Seems to chirp and chatter so --"
"Sir -- she's loud as any starling."
   "Starling? -- Thunder! Let her go!"

"Boy! Who's there?" "A damsel jolly,
   Gay of dress and light of mien,
Laughs and says her name is Folly --"
   "Folly, boy -- the Poet's Queen!
Bid her go, thou blockhead? Never!
   For where'er the poets roam,
Folly's faithful subjects ever,
   When she calls we're always home."

First published in The Bulletin, 3 March 1900

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