Melbourne Writers' Festival Reports #3

Angela Meyer tries something a bit different for a festival report.

Justine Larbalestier finds that she's being asked all the wrong questions by aspiring writers, but has come up with a good question in return.  

Sherryl Gwyther went along to hear Professor Alan Fels discuss the topic of parallel importation of books and quickly came to relaise that he was looking at the whole thing from a free-marketer's perspective.  

Dee White also attended the Parallel Importation panel and was a bit amazed no authors were invited to take part in the formal section.  Morris Gleitzman did ask a question from the floor.

Evie Wyld is writing for the Random House blog about the festival and confesses that she's never bene to Melbourne before.  Tsk tsk.

Bronwyn Parry dropped in to the Davitt Awards on Friday night and attended a few items at the festival but seems to have been on the publicity road for a while.

Andrew of the "Librarian Idol" weblog spent his time at the YA and childrens section of the program and writes about what he found there.

Estelle catches up with Jessa Crispin on the Melbourne Writers Festival blog.

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